Unexpected Turn Of Events…

I’m in love with you
But I know that you don’t want anything to do with love
I’m really interested in you…
But I’m not the most perfect person
What do you mean??
I love your smile
That I would travel a mile just to see you
Like whenever I’m with you
I get butterflies in my stomach literally
I love your personality
Like you are just this amazing gentleman that treats people like the most important people
You make the word trust seem like a small thing
Two years and half of an amazing friendship
I have truly love every moment with you
Loving you from a distance has made me strong
Being in your arms feels like a net of protection
Meeting you changed my life
Tiny kisses on your lips
Telling you how much I truly appreciate you
A moment alone with you is all I need
Loving every part of your life
Your body
Your soul…
Walking into my life
You carried a bright light
And by all your might you had my back
I want to hold your hand through every moment of your life
With our fingers intertwined
I promise to never let you go
With a permanent ink
You graffiti your name on my heart
Art became your level of expertise
You literally took my breath away
Left me speechless
Everyday was a learning experience
You became my favorite subject
I want to go through the storm with you
Always cheer you up when you feel down and out
Be your motivation when you feel like giving up
Pray for you when you’re scared
Be that girl you are proud to have by your side… 👑

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