Untitled Poem

One long text message
But no response
I realize that maybe I’m talking to myself…
Clearly I am losing it
And a lack sleep is making it worse
As I found myself all cried out
My heart torn into a billion little pieces
I don’t know if I can do this anymore
Proving to you that I’m strong woman
Maybe you don’t notice me
We have a history
And clearly you don’t want it to repeat itself
With your heart on lock down
I don’t have the access code to it
All I ask me to walk away
But I don’t know if I want to do it
I’m a disobedient soul
It happens to be for a special reason
I stare at you from a distance
Smiling to myself
Memories of what we shared begin to resurface
I’m not sure if I want to walk away
Seeing the moon shining brightly through the night
I realized that the sky never stopped believing that someday it would see it shine
Holding my hands
With our fingers intertwined
I don’t want you to let go
Making room for some disappointment
I’m hoping that you would not let me down
Like the people in my past life
I’m not ready to lose you
As we found standing in room full of people
I remember that I was once that girl cheering for you in front
But I found a way to move to the back of the crowd
Hoping that you would notice I managed to sneak out of the door
With no note to say goodbye
Dark clouds surrounded my heart
I feel the storm coming
As two lovers are apart
The clouds are crying on their behalf…
And I guess I don’t know if I can say goodbye

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