Tortured Soul

When is it going to end??
Are you ever going to see me the way I see you??
Can I just hear someone say it is just a joke πŸ˜‚??

I feel alone
A heart that was once warm is out in the cold
Clearly you can’t see it
But I’m a broken soul…

You ripped me apart with your actions
That I can’t help
But question this thing between us

Are the feelings still there
Or have I truly become a the ultimate cover girl
Do I truly mean anything to you
Or are you just using me like everyone else

Everyone is gone
And it has been a long time since bothered to think about me
But I never stopped caring about you

Stopping the hands of time
Maybe you just don’t give a dime
I wish you were not like those flashbacks of my open wound

Actions clearly speak louder than words
And clearly you make time for the people you truly value in your life
Seeing the list of people in your life

I’m nowhere to be found
Maybe I didn’t check properly
As I find myself contemplating

Just send me away
In a box
To a different world..

I love you so much
Just like I do now and forever more

I’m loner in this world
And I want you to notice that
But your eyes are looking at something else
Clearly I’m not worthy to be with you

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