Untitled Poem

I wish that you could take the time to understand how much I love you
The way I take the time to show you how I feel
And appreciate everything about you…
You are not the most perfect person
But you have qualities that make you perfect in my eyes
I have come to love your flaws and all
For you have turned into a special somebody to me
I remember seeing you from a distance
Thinking to myself
How did God create a handsome soul like you
When you opened your mouth
I felt like the angels were singing to me in your voice
Cupid was no longer on my shoulder
But on my heart
As you try shooting on my heart
But instead you tattooed your name
My life was no longer the same
Feeling like a little girl in a candy store
I felt like addicted to your love
Enjoying every second of the day
I looked forward to seeing you…
Gazing into your handsome eyes
I found myself in another world
Where no one existed besides you and I
Fingers intertwined
With my head on your chest…
I begin to feel nothing but happiness…
My deepest fears faded away
And I’m surrounded by color
I realized that I was in my happy place
Laying under the stars
This is truly a perfect moment
Staring into your eyes
I found myself feeling at home

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