Thee Unknown Place ๐Ÿ˜”

The sound of the water goes..
As I found myself drowning in a pool of unspoken emotions
I hope that I don’t find myself floating as yet
The pressure of the water increase
And I feel my eyes burning like fire
Tear drops begin to flow down
As memories of my past resurface years later
From the beginning…
I start to feel all the emotions that were buried six feet under the ground
Memories of what used to be happy me gone
That is has been a long time since I was truly happy
I feel completely emptied out
Like a tin
I feel like you have used me
That I once became your addiction
But that is how life is…
We use each other
And we both have quenched our thirsty soul
We take until we both have nothing left to give
As I laid in the water
With the water right above my head
Images of mystery man start rushing through my mind
Realizing that you were just a figure of my imagination
I could see you in the distance
But never had an opportunity to hold you in an instance
I begin to hate myself for allowing my past life to leave me so vulnerable
Pushing my body to sink completely in cold water
Anger starts rushing through my head
I hated myself and my inability to protect myself from harms way
At some point it was an amazing feeling
But gravity brought me to the ground
And I got the biggest reality check
My dreams started fading away
And I was in that place again
A dark unknown place

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