Unseen reflection of a mystery man

Some days I wish I could get to know you
Most days I wish I knew you then…
Mystery soul please reveal your reflection
I find myself always wondering if you truly want to be my best friend
Or do you see me as temporary cover girl
I’m not perfect soul
And neither are you
But the things I see in you are perfect..
Always making the effort to see if you are okay
Apart of me feels like I’m annoying you
You can say that there is nothing wrong
But I wish I knew the real you
The being behind the mask…
As I try to aim for your heart
I begin to get lost in the windows of your soul
Hoping to find the answer to this unanswered question
I wish you could talk to me about it
Surrounded by light all around you
I hope that being me will be enough
Strip me off my mask
I just want to be the girl that you fall in love with…
Maybe not today
But someday…
Trying to fix things
And making the friendship more than what it was
Don’t make me empty promises
Or feed me lies
I don’t want die losing you
A million apologies
But this time I want to know what should I do for you to believe me
Mr Green Monster
Go away, I do not want to be that girl anymore
I need this mystery soul
For it is well with my soul
I am not sure if he remembers me
But my heart will always choose him…
I can be your lover
I can be your best friend
But actions speak louder than words
And maybe I wasn’t good enough for you back then
At this moment in time I feel like you don’t see the effort that I am making
Surrounded by beautiful mountains
And a breathtaking scene I have arrived at a place where we first fell in love
I have kept my promise to you
For I am home where I left my heart
And in your heart is where I found peace and happiness wrapped up in one person

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