Untitled Poem…

She saw him in from distance
But this time he was spotted speeding
Driving at 120 km/h
He was definitely rushing to towards something
But it wasn’t her…
Her mind surrounded by unspoken thoughts
Guess he never knew what she was feeling…
He always taught her to speak her mind
But it was that moment that she wished she never fell into the forbidden ocean
Her worst fears have become her a life of betrayal…
As she begins to see something she never thought would ever happen to her…
A familiar face stands with the man of her dreams
Hands held tightly together
Fingers intertwined
She could tell that those people are very close with each other
But maybe this could be her wildest imagination
As they approach where she was standing
Her heart dropped into a million little pieces
As she saw the person that she confined to hurt her in a way that she never saw coming
Eyes locked in each other gaze
It was like she never existed
Tears roll down her face
She wish that this moment wasn’t real
But the smile on his face said a thousand words
As she begins to why her??
Bottle of spirit on the counter
She begins to drink the pain away
But it just hurts a little more than expected…
Thoughts of his smile begin to come back
And she realized that it was a mask
She begins drinking some more until she passes out completely
As she begins to feel how she never thought love would betray her in this way
She wishes she could mute for a long time
And her long time turns into forever

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