A moment in my shoes…

Heels strapped
Shoulders back
And posture straight up
With a smile on your face
But no one knows that I am broken doll

As I take a moment to myself
Staring at my reflection in the mirror
I begin to break down
And let all out for the world to see

I am insecure about a lot of things
Especially about my body…
With scars all over..
I haven’t learned how to embrace them
Instead I hide them from everyone

“You’re ugly” says the past before Mr Perfect…
I never thought I’d believe those words
Until I started staring in the mirror
Like a knife ripped through my chest

I begin to realize why I never opened up to anyone
Why I never trusted people with my life
My heart
My soul….
My happiness…

Staring into the eyes of love
Where I find myself in a ring fighting for you
I realize that I really like you a lot
Being with you has made me appreciate my flaws

Walls broken down
And the foundation dry as hell
I had found an opportunity to be completely vulnerable with you
Wearing my heart on my sleeve
You could have broken me easily…

Free falling from the sky
My feelings are deeper than I thought it would be
Catpillar me has turned into a rare butterfly because of you

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