Untitled Poem

Mr Perfect 👌
You have the most amazing smile
It lits up my world in a way that you would never understand…
You tend take my compliments for granted
But what I see in you is something that I wish you could take your time see me in that way
Your Personality is different
But the kind of different that makes me feel good inside
Like I am reading my favorite book on repeat
I find myself enjoying every moment with you
Your body is on my kind of on point
I’m left eyeing u from a distance
Hoping that the green monster doesn’t come creeping out
Your Eyes are tiny
That they are seen as beautiful windows
When I see my reflection
I see the endless possibilities between you and I
But I wish you could see the same thing
Your Haircut is a way that it’s hard to explain
When I first saw it
I thought it was a little afro
But I got used to see that way that I realized that it was in a way that is hard to explain
And I fell in love with it…
You always tend to put other people needs before your own
And love people selflessly
I wish you could let me love you that way
You deserve a crown
Cause in my eyes you are the king of my heart
You might not believe in fairytales
But I will believe in them on your behalf
Caught in a boxing ring
I find myself fighting for you
For us
For our love
At the end of the day you are the only person that I want to tell the world about
I want you to be proud to have me in your life
Just like I am to have you in my life
With all my heart
The only person I truly want to be with is you

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