Rough patches
With a million scratches
That is what came out at midnight

But you never had the opportunity
To see the side that I am ashamed of
As I watched you in a distance
Find the happiness that I’ve always wanted to give you

She was amazing
And knocked you off your feet
That it left me bleeding

My skin changed color
I became a different being
That it was a different scene

My fears written on face
That you never understood the pace
Of my healing

My heart was left empty
That I was tempted to steal that back
But the human side of me had to step in

Claws out
I found myself yelling your name
Hoping that something would change

But my echoe bounced back
That I fell on the ground
And like a sinking sack
I started thinking about how I fell for you

In your ocean
I found myself sinking in your love
That I couldn’t be a dove
And fly away

I eventually broke free
And I could see you
In the distant staring into her eyes
That were like stars

I realised that I should walk away
But your love locked me up like a prisoner…

Am I fool??
Am I not pretty enough to be with someone like you??
My heart shattered into a billion pieces

I sent you a gift
Wrapped up just for you
And you opened it

The pieces in the box were a soul that you broke…

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