Unspoken Words Of Doll Who Was Once A Good Friend

Mirror Mirror on my wall
Could you please tell me what you think is wrong about me??
As I start reminiscing about how close we used to be…
We used to talk everyday, all day

I found myself been in a happy place
Cause you put me in that position
I was happy that I was chosen for this role

I let my guard down
And allowed you to break down my walls
Allowed you to touch my soul
My sensitivity was not there anymore

You always knew where to find me
And I was always next you making memories
With each other like best friends do…

You would pull my string
I would tell you a silly thing that once happened to me
And you would burst into laughter

Whenever you had a frown on your face
I always know how to turn it upside down
And I would finally see that light on your face
That lit up my world

Every night
You would whisper I love you in my ear
And I would turn just to look at you
That I would plant little kisses on your cheeks
You would turn pink like little girl whose seen the love of her life

You were never ashamed of me
And I was never ashamed of you
I would tell the world about our story
And I wonder if you ever did the same for me

Laying on this shelf
I begin to think about how many mountains I would climb to prove a point
How many times I’d have to tell the story
Our story so you could understand how I feel about you…

I cut myself
One to many times
I realised that I am a messed up soul
And I am hurting with so many bruises

Tears roll down my face
As I realised that I got emotions
And this time they are more real than ever
I realised that I’ve fallen deeper into your ocean

I found myself in a ring
Fighting for you more than anything else in the world
But your unexpected goodbye gave my world a reason to disrespect me

I’m nothing
And they were right about that
I was just suppose to be the soul who you pass time with
Nothing serious at all…

I miss you more than ever
But clearly you don’t want anything to do with me
So you threw me away
I’ve been the unnecessary dirt that took most of space in your heart…

You’ve just proven the world right
But I held on to you tightly
Hoping that you would notice me
As I yelled out your name
But you blocked me
And put me on mute

With no reason why
Or some kind of heads up
My heart is closed
And I don’t want anyone else to hang out…

But now I’ve turned into the friend that you don’t want hear from
I’ve been placed on the shelf with all of these things that not important anymore catching dust
That I eventually I’ve rust
And be thrown out in the thrash can…

I guess all I wanted to do is fix things
And say I’m sorry
Please kindly be my friend again

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