Unspoken Words Of An Abandoned Daughter

You left me for a while
And a while turned into a lifetime
I didn’t notice that you were gone

Cause I was an innocent soul
I couldn’t tell the difference
It was all the same to me

As you left me on the doorstep of thee unknown
With no letter
Or a pendant that has your name written
Something that I could remember you by..

Nothing at all…

Instead you left me in a place where I’m surrounded by pain
That it has become a permanent stain
I’ve become a soul with bottled up emotions

I’m choking on this pain
I don’t think I can do this anymore
With a million scars on my body
I’m running out of space

Each cutting on my body I found myself hurting even more

Every year I find myself hoping that I would find you
21 birthdays
With 21 candles
And 21 wishes just remained a bunch of wishes
And I always wish that you would come back to get me.

Surrounded by darkness
Tears roll down my face
As I begin to weep
Wondering if you ever held my hand
That our fingers ever intertwined

My heart filled with plenty of pain
I’m a prisoner in pain
As I realised that all I want you to come back
Come back to get me out my pain

Like the heroes on the television
Saving the world
I wish you could be the hero in my world

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