Untitled poem

I live in world where goodbyes are said to be easy
But for me it was not easy
This became a different ball game

I fell completely in love
And for the first time it felt real
I wanted to be a dove
And just fly to you

Your love is real
And it’s all I want right now

For the first time I was happy
And this time it was real

My body felt alive
And somehow I survived the challenges of life
My heart played a song
Where I thought it would play for a long time

Staring into your eyes
I got lost in your soul
It’s like the cruel world didn’t existed

Standing in front of you
At that moment in time
It felt right…

You broke the ice
And told me that I am beautiful
For the first time I actually believed it…

My confidence was on high
Insecurities and Doubts faded away
Cause for the first time in a long time
I actually believe in myself again…

My human form of a diary
I finally let my guard down
And the mask came off

Like for the first time I could actually be me
The weird classy beautiful soul
Who prefers soccer over a horror movie
The girl who prefer her natural beauty over make up
And whose close friends with a pen,a book and notepad

I’m ashamed of myself
Because I shouldn’t have let you down
And allow people around me to ridicule you
I should have protected you…
Shielded you from the evil world

I should have told them how I feel
And made them understand that you are not perfect
I didn’t need you to be perfect
I just wanted your love

But now I realised that it is impossible to save what was lost
All I know is that I never stopped loving you
Loving you gave me life that no other soul would ever

But now I am on my death bed
Thrusting that last bit of air
I was hoping that maybe you would save me

But instead you left with no trace
Just a cold goodbye

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