I’m ashamed
I don’t like the way I look on the outside
Old man find it quite appealing
While young men find it as unattractive

I envy beautiful girls cause they are not like me

They don’t know how it feels like to be seen ugly
Or get feel so insecure that you wish you could read a guy’s mind

With scars around my heart
I realized that I can’t pretend anymore
I keep my shit together
Because I feel like I’m drowning

Betrayal becomes my best friend
He does not even knock anymore

With a different mask
For every day of the week
I become exhausted on trying to keep up with everyone

My circle of friends become smaller
I realized that I am better off as loner
People don’t bother to make an effort anymore

Trust never liked me
Always taught me not believe everything that they say
Cause in a blink of eye they could all say goodbye

But I never listened
Instead I loved certain people who I thought I could trust
And like the unexpected storm they changed their colors

My entire life is lie
And it was all because she said goodbye
Left me on the doorstep of the unknown

Not knowing that I was dying inside

Being passed down from one person to other
I felt like a dirty object
I was used and abused by love

Love,I thought you cared about me
Because I was your biggest fan
Always giving people advice

But I could never use it
Because I was never good enough to fulfill anyone…

Instead you left in a bus
With no one to care about my wellbeing

I sit outside this door
Waiting for this soul to open his heart
And let me in,my entire life flashes before eyes

This is my way of saying goodbye

5 thoughts on “UNTITLED POEM

  1. I ache for you

    Here is a short little poem I wrote awhile ago.
    “The everlasting question,
    The quintessential song—
    The words echo through my head
    Asking what is love.”

    It is so hard to know what love truly is… especially with the different kinds of it and the varying definitions and uses of it that people throw around.

    Without God, I would have no idea what it is.


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