That’s all I feel now that you are gone
I thought our bond was strong
But I guess I was wrong

As people degrade you
And drag your name through mud
Illustrating you as a bad guy
When truth is that u are a good guy

A million miles away from me
They feel that you are not good enough for me
Hustling was your game
Because you had find a way to make things right
But they saw it as an opening for a demon to come creeping in from behind

I’m sorry
That’s all I can say for now
But somehow I don’t feel like it would make things right
So I go out searching for you
But clearly you don’t want to be found

My past before u comes knocking
But I don’t want to open that door
Cause I know that it’s u that I want

People called me crazy to fight for you
But I believe in love again
And it’s all because of you…

But it’s still not enough
It’s not enough for me
For us

I want more…
In fact I want it all with you because I still love you

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