My deepest fear
That’s who you have become
But I pretend like it doesn’t hurt me

As I found myself staring at empty space
Thinking about all the things that seem wrong
My mind disappears for so long

I start taking the blame
That you might feel like this is lame
But I see it being the same again

As I watched you give her all your attention
My heart shattering into a thousand pieces…

It felt you distance yourself into the dark
That I felt like maybe all of this was a lie
I noticed that you became someone that I feared

Nothing was same again

I felt like a toy
That you made me feel so worthless
Where I started catching dust in the dark
I didn’t even feel like fighting for you to notice me
For I had no power left in me

I just couldn’t beg anymore
But I feared losing you
So I did it anyway

But still nothing changed…
I realized that maybe it was me
As your longed for your freedom

I couldn’t help but watch you become a nightmare that haunt me in the dark
My reflection became unknown to you

I barely remember who I was anymore

You walked away
And left in the cold
With nothing to fold

I watched you change right before eyes

I tried to be who you want
But I just want to be true to myself

13 thoughts on “UNTITLED POEM…

  1. So relatable, We’ve had a moment or moments like this in our lives, at least I have. This takes me back to those times, but also makes me feel good now that I’m out on the otherside. So glad that I found this poem.


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