A dream that lost it’s heart


That’s what I wanted…
As I witnessed my story being told for everyone to see
I was proud of my hard work

My phone begins to ring
And I realised that it was all a dream
As I get the biggest reality check of my life
I hear a familiar voice asking me “Are your patient doing well today”

My smile is turned into a frown
Tears roll down my face
I realised that this is not my life

This is not what I pictured myself doing
Living someone else dream

I needed to be honest with you
With the world
I eventually got the guts to tell you my truth
My dream
My aspiration for my life

But you compare me with everyone else
Telling me that I would be wasting my time
My money
Chasing after something that is not worth it

But I prove you wrong
I reach my dream
I realised that everyone was right all along

And you didn’t want see me succeed in life

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