The Forgotten Child…

These were comments that became my life

Whenever I attempted to do something
All I think is maybe I’m not cut out for this
I reached a point in my life where as I attempted to do something
I back down because I am too scared to get my hopes up for nothing

As I sit here
In a place filled with darkness
I realised that nothing I ever do would good enough to make them proud.
My efforts would be a waste of time

Cutting the umbilical cord that held us together
I realised that I am alone
In the cold

Using someone else identity
I realised that I am nothing but slave
My name seems to come when you need something

With my mistakes plastered for all to see
The words thank you and please were never common thing when it came to my needs…

Tomorrow is suppose to be an important day
But I feel like disappearing completely
Because my life in your eyes is a waste of sprem and ovaries
That I just wanted it to stop and stop for a lifetime

Life would great because nothing went to waste
And I would better off as decomposed soul…
This would be what I leave u with…

33 thoughts on “The Forgotten Child…

  1. This is really good. Couple of spelling issues “sprem”, “suppose[d]”, but definitely my kind of poem. I’ll be checking back often.


  2. “Cutting the umbilical cord…” Chop it and do it confidently, even if you’re scared. There is no freedom in dependence and I know life will preserve you. It wouldn’t have put you here without purpose.


  3. Aww, this breaks my heart! No child should ever…ever know this pain!

    Bless your heart. No matter your beliefs, know that God loves you! I’m sorry that you felt the need to write this but I’m glad you did, especially if your words are true.

    We can’t choose our inherent family but we can choose who we consider family!


  4. Wow…This is heavy, you can’t carry this. Breathe.. Release…
    You are not forgotten.
    You are Here💜
    I’ve read three of your Poems, they are beautifully written straight from the the heart. Expressive from the place which you Refuse to Stay.
    You have Life streaming through your veins, beating in your Heart, leaking from your Pen.
    Let your Hands continue to swiftly race across the Keyboard.
    Just Write.
    Dream On, Set those Goals, and don’t Give Up.
    There is Greatness Within you. You will make it, You will succeed!


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