If I count the number of times that I was let down by people I trust
It equal to number of scars on my soul
And the tears that roll down my face that turned to mould

Within the four walls
I am broken person
With so much pain

I am surrounded by stains
Like fossils
They turned in dead remains

I felt my mind going insane

Dying slowly
I don’t if I can bite my tongue anymore

I wish that my best friend was around
But he turned to a stranger
And I disappointed him

The four walls didn’t feel like home
It felt strange place…
A place unknown to my soul

I stepped out into the world
Looking for my safety net
But I couldn’t find it

Tears roll down my face
I realised that I’m attached to a soul
A special soul…

I wanted him
I needed him so badly
That I broke down even more

Eyes turned red
My body is shaking
I know that I’m cold…

As I stand on the tallest building
Staring at the crowd that I attracted

I saw you
Gazing at me…
Tears roll down my face again

Cause it seemed like you knew that I wanted you

I apologise to you in front of the world
Made myself a fool
But it was worth it…

As you helled my name
I smiled with tear rolling down like stones down a mountain
And said that you forgave me…

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