Guardian Angel Up Above

I sit in room
My mind seems to jet away
And my heart torn into a zillion little pieces

I begin to think of you
Tears roll down my face
And the pain just doesn’t want to go away

I see your dashing face from a far
My arms reaching out to feel it
But all I feel is the air

I hear your deep voice in my mind
As I call your name out
But all I hear is silence

Life without you
Just became hard and miserable

I question God in my heart
And asked him why didn’t he take me instead of you?
But no responses

I look around me
And I see all the people who still love me,are serious about succeeding
And appreciate all the little moments with me

I know that it is you
Looking down on me

I begin to miss you everyday
And wish there was a stair-way up to heaven so that I could see you again
But all it ever became
And always will be a dream

As I try to make peace with it
It just became harder to accept

I close my eyes
And I see your body laying there
I call your name out loud
But you do not respond

I begin to touch your body
Hoping that you’ll eventually respond
But all you do is lay there
Eyes closed tight

Tears roll down my face
As I cry louder
I just begin soft voice
Saying it will be okay,don’t cry
I’m in a better place

As you wipe my tears
I stop crying
And the pain of losing you feels a little better

I see a light shining brightly
As I look up into the sky
A star seems to be bright than all the others

Life becomes hard for me
As I begin to wish that I took your place

I think of you
And I know you are okay
My guardian angel up above

12 thoughts on “Guardian Angel Up Above

  1. Hey Crystelle, I’ve read a few of your poems and are touched by them. This week I started a new series on my own blog called ‘The Poet’s Chair.’ It shines a light on unpublished poets. If you’d like a poem featured you can contact me via the WHOLE_istic Media WP site.


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