Fragile Heart

Lonely days
I spend every second missing you
Trying to convince myself that we will be okay,just fine
My broken heart couldn’t be glued back together again

I stare at my phone
Hoping to get a message from you
But the truth hits me hard
We need time apart
But it is only way things are going to workout

You are everything that I wanted
And all that I ever needed
But now I’m on the verge of losing you
I feel like I’m edge of the world about to throw my life away

The feelings grow stronger by the day
Found myself falling for you everyday
Old wounds began to heal
And fade away

Your love felt like medication to my wounds
Leaving no scars behind
And my skin looking soft like a baby skin

Your name is like a permanent tattoo
Written on my heart
Removing it would be painful
And my soul would never be the same again


Published by Randy Crystelle Slaffa

I'm a beautiful lady who enjoys life to the fullest I'm currently a nurse and doctor in the making because I'm studying and I'm also a poet who enjoys writing about everything but I'm actually a different kind of poet who turns her life into a story but enjoy writing about love Well,I'm a loving and awesome person to be around🙂....I'm also a strong believer in Jesus Christ 😁Love or hate me it would not phase me

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