I’ve lived in my world

Everything seemed perfect

No flaws

Or Mistakes were seen with a naked eye

Just a bunch of regrets

My eyes are on fire

And my heart shattered in pieces

I realized that there’s no stitches

Just bunch of unnecessary wasted takes

With the camera on

Everyone saw what I wanted them to see

But truth be told…

I was a stupid writer,wrong producer

And directing them into what I wanted them to see

But it was all a lie

The reality is there are good people in this world

With good intentions

I’ve allowed people’s opinions to cloud my judgment

And in the end doors were closed in my face

I realized that I was back in a bad space.

As I feared the truth

I realized I was living a lie.

Sorry would never be enough to tell the world how bad I feel

I wish I could turn back time

And fix it

But I have no choice and jump from the tallest building screaming how sorry I am…


Published by Randy Crystelle Slaffa

I'm a beautiful lady who enjoys life to the fullest I'm currently a nurse and doctor in the making because I'm studying and I'm also a poet who enjoys writing about everything but I'm actually a different kind of poet who turns her life into a story but enjoy writing about love Well,I'm a loving and awesome person to be around🙂....I'm also a strong believer in Jesus Christ 😁Love or hate me it would not phase me

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  1. This poem resonates powerfully with me. I have been in the little ball that keeps getting compressed by the sorries and misunderstandings. Sometimes it felt like I would turn into a lump of coal with all the pressure.

    Thanks for the follow!


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