Stranger In My Eyes

I see you in the distance
Tried to hide away
You stare into my eyes
And walked pass
As you walk with a beautiful lady by your side
I knew that she was love of your life
No words were said
I smile at you
But all you gave me was a serious look
I tried to say “Hello”
But all she did was give me a dirty look
As I hear you laughing with her
I turned around to see if you were looking at me
But all I could see was her asking you what were you thinking?
And your responses ripped my heart apart
As you denied the fact that I was ever yours
Tears begin to roll down my face
You turned around to check if I heard anything you said
And I was gone
You were a stranger that torn my heart apart

10 thoughts on “Stranger In My Eyes

  1. Hi someone once told me …when feeling really unsure of what is going on around you…get a stronger stance with your legs and put your hands on your hips. I swear it changes you’re whole demeanor. No words. Acknowledge them visually and then look away as if your bored with the scenery. It’s always so odd when the other woman gives us the dirty look…So unsure of herself.


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