A few months later
The tears are still the same
But they say it is lame

An empty soul
That’s all I have been feeling
As I watched you drive away

With all the color and love
Like a dove
You flew away

Left me with nothing
But broken pieces

The world dictate what I should be doing
But no one understand stood what I felt
At that moment in time

I lost apart of me
My best friend
My motivation
My favorite soccer player
My inspiration
My heart

They told me to let you go
But I just couldn’t picture my life without you

I saw my flaws in bold
I knew that maybe I wasn’t gold

Looking at the time
I wish I could turn it all back
Staring at my reflection I saw a heart of gold
But I know that you couldn’t see it

Paparazzi and Autographs
I watched everyone take piece of what was mine…
Till there was nothing left for me

My eyes hidden from the face of the world
You couldn’t see through them anymore

I found myself feeling like a box
That when you left
I felt like I lost my purpose

Kicked around
I wish you never opened me

Maybe we would still be close friends
And our conversations would be better
You would still have your cheerleader
Cheering you on

Having long conversations on facebook
Oh,how I miss those moments
Those speechless moments
The unexpected proposal
And imagery wedding

No one understood what we felt for each when we met
I felt the walls of insecurity coming off
Laughing with you
I thought I finally found happiness
Living my version of happy ending was complete

I stare at the mirror of truth
It showed me how I allowed them dictate what we should have been
How we should have loved each other
When you walked out on me

They disappeared into the dark
That they opinions left a permanent mark

I wish that I broke free

I found myself falling for you
That trust became my enemy
A beautiful love story ruined…

And it’s because of me

I became a unexpected storm
Ruining everything that meant so much to me
But as I found myself messing everything up

And caused you to love me from a distant

I found myself crawling into a dark place
That I pushed you away
But I ended up fighting for you

I wish that my personal issues
Weren’t a problem for you

A love that meant so much
I hope that you would fight for me
But instead you walked away

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