Like we used to be….

Could I turn back the hands of time
And hopefully this won’t be bitter like lime
I would give up a dime

I am a messed up soul
That I think I have turned so cold
Hoping you would be the one who molds me
Into a better person

Walking with my entire heart on my sleeve

Hoping that you would be the one to catch me
But I found myself latching onto someone
Who doesn’t know my flaws

I begin to count the number of times I messed up
Waiting for you to walk out
And leave me just like it’s always been

As I stare at your reflection
I realized that you were perfection
But you didn’t get any satisfaction

Being with me felt like a burden

I messaged you
But you ignore what I am trying to say
I wrapped my arms around you
But you pushed me away

As I found myself falling from the back
I realized that I lacked
Tears roll down my face

As I look up into your eyes
But your expression shows that you were disgusted by my appearance

I felt like disappearing
That if this was a crime the world would write that I am appearing in court

Like with my hands
In the sands
I feel like creeping into a shell and never coming back

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