I’ve done it again
The unexpected storm
But this time it blew you away

As I found myself outside
In the cold
With no one to hold

I realized that by my side is nothing but emptiness
Surrounded by the white snow
I tried to look for the bow that would unlock my happiness

But there was nothing there
Just an empty open field filled with snow

I yelled out your name
That I took your love as game
Thinking that it’s all the same

But to my surprise it was a dream
Filled a stream of dark untold thoughts

I tried to tell you that I still love you
But I don’t think you truly understood my feelings

As I found myself just hurting even more
The pain became unbarerable
Tears roll down my face

I felt alone

Isolated from everything
And everyone
I realized that I lost apart of me

I gave you my all
And I got nothing in return
But a long lists of unknown demands

I wish that you could have taken the time to see yourself through my eyes

As you are recognized by your exterior
That no one understands your interior design
But me

One page after the other
I readed all about you
But still you were blindfolded by the exterior

I sit here with a bunch of wishes
One by one
They each include you then I realized that I still love you

The foundation is layered
One rock at the time
I begin to rebuild the wall of the wounds that you exposed to the world

But truth be told
It was too late
Cause I realized that I will never be good enough for anyone else..

A gulity conscious surrounds me
I realized that it was not your fault
But mine…

With a million fingers pointed at you
I feel a thousand pointing at me
People started talking about you

I realized that maybe you were ashamed of me

I wasn’t quite appealing to the eyes
So you choose to hide me behind a mask that was never seen by the world
That you barely said a word

As I found myself living a lie
I just want to die

And escape my pain


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