A dark cloud
That I found myself thinking aloud

Surrounded by all my mistakes
I feel like I wasted these takes
Repeating the same things

Over and over again
I felt like I am on a rollercoaster ride
I had a lot of pride

Tears roll down my face
As I watched life flash before my eyes
Each heartache that I experienced

I wish I could escape
Drowning in my own space
Drinking alcohol I wish I could forget

I sit here in darkness with a heart filled with regrets

All I could think of is a bunch of what ifs

I wish I could see you
So that I could apologize for my behaviour
But I wonder if you would accept my apology

Could I get a chance to make it right??
Would it still feel like love at first sight??

I wish you could come home
And we would be in our dome
Away from world

Just the two of us

4 thoughts on “IN MY HEAD

  1. I feel you feel, let us feel for double real, ice cream ice cram Whos the ice whom the cream , what did you want to break thought down in football terms, not happing Captain meet caveman, lets dance damit already, ready ,but this is neither thus tho to whom so eye can not hear if her come Crystal eye hear F. this computer ; couping certaine demgesl

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