Another year
Different season
But the problems still remain the same

I found myself in the middle of an unexpected storm
As I feel two hands hold me on either side
I wonder if I could protect them

With my feet stuck to the ground
I wish I could just disappear because they don’t deserve me
As I found myself staring at this scars

I found myself wondering if I am ready to risk it all…
If you would forgive me that I didn’t tell you sooner

Dealing with my trust issues and insecurities
I never knew that this would be the ice breaker for our love
As this raging storm approach us

Would I risk my life for them??
Would it be safe to say that you don’t want to anything to do with me anymore,
That you don’t want me to stay???

As much as I stare into the mirror
Apart of me wishes I could just remove these scars that remained

Laying on the operating table
I wish these eyes never opened to see the light of day
That my mouth would never smile again
And that my heart would skip a beat like it did for your love

As I found life flashing right before eyes
And the wonderful memories that we shared
I wish I could turn back time to the day when we first met

Maybe if I had told you earlier
Then maybe you would have understood things much better
That fear wouldn’t surround your heart so much

I wish you could see that these are just scars
Scars that tell a story of what I went through
That you holding me tight
And having my head on chest doesn’t kill me

That when my head start paining in the winter time
It shows that I am exposing it to the cold weather…I need to keep warm
That’s why I lay my head next to yours with your arms wrapped around me

My heart is empty without you just filled with a lot of scars
That my soul feels damaged that no surgery can repair it

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