Six little eyes
And a million questions surround their little minds
As your absence left them with a lot of unanswered questions

I watch them stare out of window
Hoping to hear your car pull up the driveway
That’s all I ever heard is”Mommy,when is Dad coming back?”

My heart torn into a million pieces
As I stare into their eyes
And my mind turns blank as I try to figure out what should I tell them??

But I simply change the topic immediately

The night falls
And three little souls struggle to fall asleep
I found them laying on couch

Patiently waiting for you to come home

As I found myself wrapping my arms around them
I could hear them weeping for you
And it broke my heart
As I felt like a weak mother

My son stares into my eyes
His heart shattered into pieces
As he could tell that you are not coming home anymore

All the hopes
And goals

As I found out that he looked up to you
But we disappointed him
He believes in love

But because you left
And left him with no kind of warning
He doesn’t think it’s worth giving someone a chance to love him

As he counts the number of times that I fought for you
He asked me if it was worth it
Hurting myself again just so that we could be a family again

Tears roll down my face
My heart shattered into pieces
As I realized that I was only one trying my best to make things work

I was afraid of letting you go
Getting hurt and dealing with the kids broken hearts

“I’m really sorry” were the words that came out my mouth
As I felt ashamed of my actions as a mother
I decide to take the blame for every mistake

I realized that it was my fault that you left
The reason why you seeked comfort in the arms of another
Knowing that you will never come back
Or fight for the relationship

It was time to walk away from you
But the hardest part is how??

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