A month is a very long time nd during that period of time she lost him…Her best friend,motivation and her inspiration. She loved him very much that she pretty much did everything and anything to show him how much she cared…She wasn’t perfect neither was he but he was perfect in her eyes. She never told him how she truly felt so someone else always spoke up for her because she feared pushing him away into the arm’s of another. She open the doors that allowed people to interfere.Each time that he would let her go,she would fight for him because he meant so much to her. He was completely open with her that she felt like she could trust him. He knew her deepest fears and her secrets but he being distant with her nd she felt like a nuisance upon his life. She felt like she always had prove herself to him but the unexpected storm and she didn’t it coming…the day he walked away nd tore her apart. That unconditional love that she once had was no longer conditional anymore…A wise lady once told her to stop fighting for people who didn’t want her in life then she realized that it was better if she walked away. Loving him from a distant nd better. She never hated him because that was once someone she loved nd care about.

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