Here I am once again


And filled with pain

Love why me though??

Why do I have to experience this kinda love again??

I found myself being a secret

That no one knew about

Filled with so much pain inside

I just want disappear from the world

To get away from you and everyone else

Tears roll down my face

The pain hurts even more

Knowing the truth

You could never tell me to my face

But I know that you met someone else

I’m not perfect

And I don’t think I want to be

But one thing I know is that the love that I have for you is genuine

I might not have been your first

But I hoped to be your last

Your one and only

iS’thandwa sakho


You have already made clear you want

And that’s not me….

I am just a nobody

Fooling myself hoping to find somebody

But there’s nobody

As I drown my sorrows away

In a bottle that I borrowed

I just feel like dying inside

All I really became to you

And everyone else is joke

Filled with smoke

I just wish I could fly away from you and everyone else

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