My mind drifts away

And my heart is not intact with my soul

As I think of you

The one that I really love

As I think of what I put you through

I feel like I don’t deserve you

Holding on to the past

I felt like I was hurting you

That the fear of losing you scares me a lot

All I really want is to be with you

You are all that ever wanted

And all I ever needed

It hurts being away from you

That I wish I could be next to you

Seeing you smile and hearing you laugh

Oh,how much I love you

Each time that I see you

I always feel like I’m dreaming

Walking hand and hand

On cloud nine

Being able to see you smile

But you miles away from me

I wish I could hold you

And never let you go

Cupid shot me on the 31st of December 2016

Your little eyes

And most amazing handsome smile

That I couldn’t picture life without you

Your big hairdo

And your beautiful heart

I’ve realized that I have fallen so hard for angel

I know that I messed up

But I don’t regret choosing you

And I would do it all over again for you

My heart belongs to the most amazing angel

With the most beautiful smile

And that person is….


It’s always and forever be you

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