An amazing soul

The one person that I truly fell completely in love with

My love for you is deep and genuine

As I begin to think about our relationship

I realized that I didn’t fall in love with physical appearance

But your appearance within….

I’ve noticed your actions

And I wonder for how long will it all last??

I begin to think of everything between us

And I honestly don’t want you to see me as someone whose in your life for a temporary time

But I would like to be a permanent solution

I don’t want to be the girl that you just past time with…

I want to be your present and future

Text messages,love and loyalty

Are the 3 things I need from you

A text message

To let me know if you okay

Just to hear how much you love me

And how you truly feel about me


We are two people who separated by distance

Words are our way of showing love

We may not always be together

But my heart will always be yours forever more


My handsome hunk

Surrounded by all these beautiful girls

I wanted to know if you would be always be here for me??

As I hold your heart in my hands

I cherish every moment between us

As I ask God to carry us through

And open doors where we can spend time with each other

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