They say that there would be always that time that you would like to change the way we did things
And I felt like that with you

As I begin to think about things
I just wish I could turn back time
And did things differently

I sit in a room
And begin to wonder where did it all you wrong
Maybe I would find a reason to be strong

But I couldn’t…..
Instead I found myself thinking about all the silly conversations that we had

How it was easy to talk about you about anything and everything
Where I’d be able to tickle your funny bone
And your day would be made

You made everyday exciting for me
Because I knew that I could talk to you
And you would understand how I’m feeling

I miss our silly facebook conversations
Because I always look forward to the silly facebook stickers

You made me feel like I could be me
And you wouldn’t judge me

You made flaws seem so beautiful
That it was easy for me to come and talk to you

At that point I felt like a rock
Being strong that I couldn’t be sock puppet

I was able to speak my mind
And you didn’t judge me

Truthfully speaking
I miss the old us…
Where did we go wrong at this point in time??

Everything felt perfect
I thought maybe if I broke down my walls
You would open up to me

But instead each time I try….
I feel like I’m annoying you
Turning into a beast I don’t want you to see

Each time I try
Feels like you shooting me
Telling me to stay away from you

But honestly speaking….
I come in peace
That I’ve surrendered

I’m just trying to get to know the real you
Hoping that you would grant me enough time

As much as I want to fix the time clock
I just want to know that you’ll be there waiting for me
Like you said everyday of every month of every year

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