Your eyes
Are the windows of your handsome soul
That I get lost in them whenever I stare at you

Your smile
That’s my sunshine and the light of my life
Gives me strength to face each day like it’s my last

Your heart
My favorite pillow at night
That whenever I lay on your chest,I immediately fall asleep
And have sweet dreams of you

Your arms
Are my shield of protection
That I can face each challenge that life throws at me with you by side

As I think how lucky I am to have you
My rock and pillar of strength
That I thank God for blessing me with a wonderful soul like you

The fights
The arguments
The silent treatments etc…

Get the better of me
As I fear that it may tear us apart
But I realized that I rather experience all of this with you

I might have my own perception on how a lady should be treated
But I didn’t think about the reality of life

As you always wondered why do I feel this way about you

I wish I could find the words to describe I feel about you
As I realized that these feelings are deeper than I thought they would actually be

That it reminds me of the first time I met you
I was afraid to touch you
To hold you close to my heart

As you stared into my eyes
I was afraid to fall for you
My walls got stronger than before

They say it’s very rare for you to find someone you might have a connection with

Well,I was really lucky an immediate connection with you
That as much as I wanted to sleep
You made my exhaustion and tiredness disappear

Being with you that night
Made my smile so bright
That I wanted to get to know you better

As I stare into your eyes
I wish that you could see the effort that I’m making
Trying my best to break down your walls
And get to the core of your heart without hurting you…….

But all I can ever do…..
Is hope and pray that you would grant me the opportunity to tell you in person
How much I……I love you
And mean it with every word and every tear


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