A broken soul
With a million scars on her body
She stares at the messed up image

As her eyes turn red
From all the crying

As he made her feel like nothing
She suffered from low self-esteem
Losing little pieces of herself

She becomes an addict
Addicted his love
It’s hard for her to see the light

Blinded by his love
She couldn’t see how much his hurting her

Open wounds
Million scars on her face
He doesn’t notice the damage on her face

All he sees is a punching bag
One punch in the face
Two in the chest

She laid there with no one to help her
As he kicked her like a dog

He barely noticed the internal consequences

She tries to fight for herself
But his anger makes him stronger by the second

He pushes her against the wall
And starts beating up hard

Two punches in the face
One in the stomach

As he spits in her face like a dog
He walks away with smile in his face

And she is left there in the dark
Crying her eyes out
She curls up with a blanket

She eventually falls asleep
She wakes up in his arms
Hoping that day would be better

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