A broken soul
Left with an open wound
As all the negative words that were cursed upon my life came to pass

Words that I couldn’t even change into positive no matter how times I tried
I just realized that it was never good enough for you

As your words come like sharp knife through my chest
Attacking me from both sides
I am left with million scars that won’t go away

I found myself laying on the table
And surgical doctors try to stop the bleeding trauma
But it becomes to much

As they put pressure on all my open wounds
But one by one
These wounds continue to bleed

The doctors question what’s is causing the blood vessels to bleed so much?

So they cut me open harmonic scalple
To check from which direction the bleeding is coming from

They used suction tube to remove all the blood
As they see a leak in one of the vessels

They begin to patch it up

My heartbeat begins to drop
As they realized that wounds are getting deeper

The doctor tells the nurse to bring the defilbrillation
To restore the heart beat

But she came it was to late
My heart stopped
And my mind may peace with the fact that I was never good enough


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