Are the words that come into her head

In a room filled with darkness
It seems hard to believe what the world says

Bottled up emotions
Something that she is so use to doing it
That it became an addiction

Communication is the only way
But she can’t even do that anymore without hurting his feelings

As her heart is filled with loads of love
She wonders if it will be good enough for him

So she escape from the wall that she built around her
But she wonder if he still want to get to know the real her

Becomes one the beast that she doesn’t want to himsee
So she locks that side of herself away

All he ever sees the scars on her body
But not on her face
As she hide herself behind the mask

A mask that has become a part of her
That it’s hard to let go of it
Will he ever remove that mask to see the real her ??

The Vulnerable
Bottled up

Would he be able to love her??
The girl who cries a lot
Happy or Sad
It still remains the same

The girl who has never been asked out in person
Introvert at first
But once he gets to know her then she’s an extrovert

The girl who gets loves watching romcom
And believes in fairytales

The girl who loves her tomboy swagg
But she’s a classy lady at heart

The girl who loves listening to Trey Songz
But doesn’t mind listening to deep house because it’s happens to her favorite

The girl who doesn’t mind holding your hand and doesn’t get bored while getting to you

The girl would rather be in your arms at this moment in time instead of away from you for so long

The girl who constantly overthink everything and she make sure that everyone is okay before she worries about herself

The girl who cherishes every little moment
That you would spend with her

Come rain or shine
She’ll always be there for you
Just to keep 100

That girl who loves
And believe in every little love quote

Yes,that girl
Cherish her
Because girls like that don’t come everyday

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