The last night of the year
And that’s when I met you
An angel sent from above just for me

One look
And I was dying to know your name

They say first impressions matter
And it seems like they were right about that
You seemed like a dress in my closet that I couldn’t wait to try on

And boy did it look good on me
Like it was designed just for me

As I found myself in a place
Which carries all the beautiful memories that we made
I wish I could’ve done things differently

Maybe this would have been a different story
Or wonderful love poem
With you as the main character

But instead I took things way to far
One text message after the other
I didn’t realize that I was being really annoying

Like a fly that won’t leave you alone

Now I wish I could disappear
In a world of thee unknown
Where I wouldn’t see the tears that I caused
Fall from your handsome face

As I wish that I never met all these other faces
Maybe things would have been different for us

Maybe if I wasn’t so insecure about myself
You would have seen the good in me
But instead you saw a side that I never ever thought existed

As fear got the better of me
It unleashed the beast that I’ve never seen before

You notice the change in my behaviour
And things were never the same again

As you walked away
I was faced with questions that made me question my worth
That made me uncover old wounds that I thought were buried 6 feet under

But your presence made me realize how much I try my best to be this strong young lady
With a messed up soul

I realized that with you
It was good to just be me with no expectations
No magnifying glass to check my mistakes

I found myself falling in the ocean
As I fell deep into that ocean
An ocean of the unknown

That’s when I realized that I started catching feelings for you

Feelings that words were not enough to explain how I feel about you
That they could only be shown to you

But instead they had to be put into words
That only 3 words were enough
I begin to think if these words were enough

And given the circumstances of our love
It didn’t work out for the best

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