Hi there
I’m suppose to be posting a poem because I’m a poet but I just came to point in my life where I need to be truthfully honest with everyone including myself

So I just want to be straight up honest with everyone nd keep💯

Firstly I want to take the opportunity to say I’m really sorry to everyone for hurting them it was never my intention to do that or make anyone think so low about themselves

I realized that promises should never be made if you know that you can’t keep them so in that case I just want everyone to know that if someone chooses to leave your life just let them go😔because as much as it will hurt it might be the best option ever

Look I know that everyone is probably thinking that I’m boring😒because I’m talking a whole lot of nonsense but I’m being honest with you🙂 In life you have face reality and just accept the fact that some people will never accept you for you really are…. I guess all I really want is to be real with myself and everyone else ☺

I may have been rejected by a lot of people but I’m stronger person now 😁So I want to take the opportunity to say Thank you to everyone who has love nd hate me 😊I’m really grateful because this has made me stronger person now

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