My Version of Forever

Light brown skin
Big hair
And a touch of pink lips

I begin to think of you

Everything that I have always wanted
I found in you

My version of happiness
As I stare at your pictures
My heart sings your name out loud

As I picture you in the Zulu attire
You begin to say your clan names
People start to ululate

My impression of you
Has gone past perfection

I see myself with you
And I realise that I’m falling for you
My forever can begin

Like a love story
I feel like I’m living my fairytale dream

Long conversation on the phone
And a million text messages
I see why you want to be open about everything

Long distance relationship
And happiness in an instance
I see why you holding on to the past

Afraid of getting hurt
I see the pain hidden behind your eyes
I begin to wish I could take your pain away

You look like my prince charming
With a crown on your head
As I rise up to hand over the key to my heart

My soul is revealed
And my happiness is because of you

I kneel down on my knees
As I give thanks to God for blessing me with you
A sense of peace is around me

This journey is familiar
But the challenge is not easy

I try my best not rush the pace
Cause I don’t want it to feel like a race

Deep thoughts on my mind
I try my best to find who I truly am

Mister Tough guy
I wonder if you’ll ever be vulnerable with me

And every girl’s Man Crush Everyday
I realise that I get jealous of them

Fear gets the best of me
I wonder if you still remember that I love you?

Little arguments and fights
We go to bed with tears in our eyes
And fears in our hearts

I just hope that we could go back
And try to avoid this sack of pain

As I lay in my bed
I cried till my eyes turned red
Trying to clear my head

I diagnose myself
And I found myself falling for you
A scary ocean

But I remember that I trust you
And I just want to be happy with you

Written by Randy Crystelle Slaffa
Date: 13th April 2017

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