The Past life

Eyes closed tightly
My mind begins to disappear into a world unknown

Everything that I have always wanted
Turned into the unwanted

I try my best to fight the pain
Trying to find the bright side of this cycle
But it seemed like it was going alright

I see it all
Every emotions became a hard ball

Moving up
And down
No sense of stabilization in this life

Every year is the same
That it was pretty much a dating game
This is lame

I see myself getting attached to you
As I try my best not to latch onto your love

Same mistakes
But different takes wasted on the same situation again
And time eventually runs out

I realise that something needs to change
But I need a different range

My heart races out my chest
As I wait in anticipation for you to respond
So I try to get some rest

But my future seems blurred
As I try to lure myself back to normal
I just realized that it will get better anytime soon

As the pain of losing you
Brings back bad memories
As I regret every bad choice that I’ve made that caused those tears to fall from your beautiful eye

So I curl up under my blanket of safety
In a dark room filled with pain nd sorrow

I realized that my past will always haunt me like a bad dream that will never go away

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