Scared but not forgotten

I sit in a room alone
My mind begins to disappear
And bad memories reappear

Everything bad thing that happen
Comes back to haunt me like a bad dream
In a stream filled with darkness

The unconditional love that I once had
Seems so bad that I don’t feel like sharing anymore
Cause no one bother to care when I was broken

Each heartbreak felt like knife through my chest
That I barely got time to rest my broken heart

All the fights and arguments
The cheating scandal and lies
Became big news to press

That there’s was no need to do damage control
Cause you felt like the news will roll over

But you barely knew how your decision affected me

Get ready the director says
I get ready to clean up your mess

The mask goes up
And I put on this big smile on my face
But no one sees what goes on when the curtain falls

So I bottle up my emotions
And try my best not allow things to get out of proportion
But it seems hard

I put make up on my face to hide the scars
But while staring at the mirror I can’t stand the fake smile

As the paparazzi take a million pictures of us together
They don’t know about the million tears I cried alone

So I stand in front of the mirror
And I stare my body

I see bruises on my face
The scars on my chest
And I hated myself for allowing you to do this to

The show needs go on,I say that to myself
As I clean myself up
And walk away from the mirror

In an auditorium
With a million people staring at me waiting to hear what I have to say

I stare into your eyes
And my mind replays the words you said to me
Tears roll down my face

And the world realise how broken I was

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