Her Destined Escape

A drug addict
She sits in a room
Trying to escape her doomed life

Same pain
Filled with rain
She tries to gain strength to escape

Desperate times life seems more hard for her
Separate your personal life from your family
But no one sees her pain

She does crazy things in order to escape the pain

Different people
Different day
One by one,they all use her like a object
Pass down from one person to the next

Doing anything to get that fix to forget about her pain
She does crazy things in order to forget about the betrayal of loving someone

Covered with scars all over
Each touch feels like a net of protection
But she shows no reaction

As she watch them treat her like dirt
One by one
They enter her heart

But left her broken inside
She tries to put her feelings aside
But all of it becomes to much

Relax,I’m not going to hurt you he says
But she is unaware of his intention
As she barely pays any attention

These words becomes a song on repeat
She knows what she’d be longing for
But she couldn’t carry on hoping for happiness that doesn’t exist

A life filled with pain nd sorrow
She wish she could borrow time to change the past
But would it ever last like she imagine?

Fairytale ending becomes nothing but a dream
Inside a beam
Lost in a stream of emotions

She watch them all
As they all want to take what they want
And never gave her anything in return

Left alone
She begins contemplating over suicide
It feels hard to forget about

Lies and heartless individuals
All she wants to do,is leave
And start a new chapter in life

Her life is shit
But all she wants to do is hustle to get that fix

So she ends up selling her body in the streets of the unknown
And all of them line up to have a taste of the good life that heard about

But she is not interested to hear what people have to say
She just want to let the pain go away

But it’s hard
Cause everything that she does reminds that she could never escape the pain

So she accepts her situation
And knows that it will never change no matter what happens
Her pain will always be the same

Written by Randy Crystelle Slaffa
Date:24th May 2017

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