Eyes close tightly
My mind replays bad memories
Sorry is never enough

I see the smile on your face
As I choose to walk away
From the pain

As I kneel down on my knees
And I pray that history repeat itself

As suicide pops into my head
I choose to walk away from the pain

As the old saying pops into my head “Trust is like a glass once it’s broken,It’s will never be the same again ”

I wonder if your words are true
And if your love is real

I see pictures of her
And I can’t help but wonder if u loved me only

Jealousy appears as I begin to realise my fear

Maybe I was just a cover up
Secret is out
And I find all the hidden secrets

As I stare into your eyes
And nothing was said
I realise that you were never mine to keep

But your words…..cut through my heart
And I end up bleeding from the inside

And isolated is all I feel

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