The Truth About Me 

I sit in a room

All by myself
My mind disappears into a world unknown

As I think of you
My past comes up
I feel a sense of fear in my heart

Afraid of losing you
I looked at my life
And I realise that I’m the reason why it never worked out

Tears roll down my face
As I finally face the truth
And my actions stare me in the face

This love feels real
I just hope that it last forever
I’ve fallen so hard for you

As I get attached to you like a little girl who loves her teddy bear
I’m terrified of letting you go

Beautiful girls all around you
I wonder if you’ll recognize the girl who truly loves you
Flaws and all

As my heart skips a beat
And my palms sweat
I realise I’m falling into your ocean

My thoughts
And fear get the better of me

I begin to push you away
Because I’m ashamed of the girl it’s made me

I stare into your eyes
And got lost in your heart
Everything that I always wanted

I found in you
Arms wrapped around me
I feel God protecting through you

My love for you is everlasting 💏💏
As I go through a difficult time 😦
I wish that you were here

My heart aches to be in your arms 💪
And all I want to do is feel your love💓
That I wish I was a dove🕊

As I realise that love was my greatest escape
Away from the world of pain,sorrow,disappointment and pretend

The truth is I’m not perfect
I’m just a heartbroken girl who struggles to trust and insecurity because of disappointment in my life so trust is not easy for me😔

Written by Randy Crystelle Slaffa
Date:21st March 2017

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